Just walk beside me and be my Friend

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have five ‘best friends’ from different stages of  my life, starting with my first best friend from my primary school days in Scotland, when we were neighbours and I virtually lived round her house. Despite her living in the USA now with her American husband, we are still in regular contact now by hand-written letter and email and I even visited her a few years ago, when she was unwell. I was with her on the day of her last treatment, when my job was to distract her and also to take care of her daughter . I was delighted to meet her friends and to spend time with her family. We are both early birds and so we would sit up drinking strong Yorkshire Tea, putting the world to rights before the rest of the household woke, and somehow the intervening 40 years since I moved away from Scotland, just fell away.

She has always been very supportive of my blogging and suggests that these individual blogs could one day form a book. I have had almost daily emails since I recently began to blog again,after a break of over a year, commenting on what I have written and how proud she is to consider me her friend. Yesterday I was just making a pot of tea when there was a knock at the door . It was an Amazon delivery and I brought a big box inside, confused as I knew that I had not done any home shopping – for once! I battled my way through the packaging and revealed a pretty cup, which I immediately rinsed out and filled with Yorkshire Tea and I toasted my generous friend, sending her a photo and a thank you message.

I love to buy my friends gifts, even silly little things, just to show them that I was thinking of them and that I know them. She knows me well enough to know that a teacup will go down very well and that I will give her a thought and a smile each time I use it.

My husband teased me last week, saying that it was no wonder that I had 5 best friends, as I buy them presents to buy their friendship: I know that I make the friends first and then I treat them, not the other way around. I know that my friends are an important part of my support system and so I protect my friendships and invest in maintaining and developing them.


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