Our Big Night Out

(We are having a great holiday so far and I have written a couple of blogs which have not saved or published, so if this does not work today, I will take a break for the holidays as the technology is too trying, when you are staying somewhere without wifi)

On our first day on holiday, we went to a country show where one of our favourite local bands, Lucid, were playing, and we were greeted like old friends , with hugs and catch up chats. My husband and I enjoyed the performance, but Joshua found the heat too much and slept on me, laid out on a haybale, throughout. We were told that they had a local evening show too, at a bigger venue, so after a quick nap at home we headed off to see them for the second time in the same day. It was a much bigger crowd and stage and with it being cooler too, Joshua certainly preferred it. He watched the show some of the time and pushed his own wheelchair around some of the time. He made a few new friends, as he tends to do at this events : a security guard came over to ask if he was a Fleetwood Mac fan, He high5’d a few members of the audience and one young girl asked me if she could say hello to him, of course I gave me permission : it turned out that her older sister has cerebal palsy and we had quite a chat. She apologised if she was being patronising towards Joshua and I explained that she was not, but that it was those who smiled, said ‘bless’ and thought how lovely that he was out having fun, that had the more patronising outlook.

Joshua clearly enjoyed himself and I think although he was wandering around amongst the crowd, he was probably less disruptive than some of the drunken obervers who were balancing on each others shoulders and bumping into other dancers.

After the Lucid performance, we stayed on and enjoyed another band, who sang familiar covers, and we did not leave until 11pm! Given that Joshua is usually in bed at 9pm and  am not too far behind at 10ish, this was indeed a Big Night Out for us, and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He was pretty dozy yesterday, lounging around, chilling most of the day. At 3pm we went down to the beach and hired him a lounger to lie onand watch the tide coming in. He dozed and we swam in the sea, with him clearly in sight. As I lay on the rug, drying in the sun, I heard a familiar snorting and heavy breathing and jumped up to see Joshua having a seizure, which  ran into one after the other. In the end I had to administer his rescue medication on the beach and he slept it off on his lounger, until 6pm when they wanted to pack them away and so we had to wake him and bring him home. Sadly the seizures were the result of two of his key triggers : heat and tiredness, so he is extra-vulnerable on his holidays, when you add in excitement. No more big nights out for a while, until we recover from this one fully.

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