An apple a day keeps the Dentist away

Joshua really made us laugh yesterday when we went out for a pub lunch. He used to be a nightmare when eating out but lately, he has started to enjoy the experience and behave better, so long as there is not too much waiting around, as he has inherited both of  his parents’ impatience.

We sat at a table in the corner, far away from other customers, and quickly made our selections : Lasagne for Joshua, steak pie for his Dad and I chose a ploughmans lunch of bread, cheese and pickles. It came quickly and looked delicious. Joshua eagerly devoured his lasagne and chips and drank plenty of orange juice with it. I picked at my ploughmans in between feeding Joshua, so I still had quite a lot on my plate when he had finished.

My meal came with half an apple, a delicious touch as I love apple with cheese. I gave a quarter of the apple to my husband and started to de-core my quarter. Joshua watched me intently and then he leaned across the table and snatched my husband’s piece of apple back, handing it to me. He made it very clear that Daddy was not having any, but that if I was sharing my apple with anyone, it was to be with him! He proceeded to eat and chew 90% of the apple and was helping himself to cut pieces.

We both really enjoyed his determination, his clear expression of what he did and did not want to happen and the fact that he was enjoying apples again. He used to eat apple a lot – it was a running joke that lunch at Granny’s house always entailed a bowl of soup followed by an apple! But he stopped eating them, presumably when his teeth began to hurt, so this was a clear sign also that last week’s dentistry, traumatic as it was,  had been worthwhile. He clearly felt confident to chew and crunch apple again and maybe had been longing to do so for years, and that is why, now that he could, there was ‘no way’ – one of his favourite phrases – that he was letting Dad take his treat off him as he must have been eying up my plate throughout the meal.

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