Divine Intervention

We had yet another night out last night for the last night of the week long regatta and the town was heaving with people. As we arrived, it began to rain and so we took umbrellas from the car and soon it was torrential and we were trying to juggle a wheelchair and two umbrellas – aiming to keep us all dry. But when my husband held it over Joshua’s legs, to prevent his trousers from getting soaked, it meant that the umbrella dripped down my back. So then I pushed the wheelchair with one hand and held the umbrella with the other, sheltering us both from the rain, but having to crouch down low and struggling to steer the chair. There might be a design challenge there?!

Joshua and I were both damp by the time we got to the town centre – we had not packed coats on holiday , as it was so scorching when we were packing from home – and of course, damp soon begins to feel cold and we were heading for an evening outside. So we stopped at one of the open shops to look at buying coats, but sadly they did not have any cheap coats in either of our sizes. While we were in the shop, the heavens opened and rain bucketed down and gushed down the street, so we made the most of the shelter, only moving on when it had calmed down to a gentle drizzle again.

We got ourselves in position in the harbour, ready to enjoy a display from The Red Arrows, as they weresoon due. As we waited, the sun came out, a rainbow apeared and the black skies cleared, to be replaced with bright blue skies. At 7.30 pm precisely, The Red Arrows tore across the sky in their incredible, unique style, trailing red, white and blue smoke in the clear sky. There was not even a hint of the torrential weather that had just been endured, it was all timed to perfection. We wondered at the beautiful clear blue sky, with the wet ground with large puddles and the drenched audience, as the sky certainly had a celestial appearance.

Joshua was not watching the sky all of the time, as there were periods when the jets disappeared to line up for their next stunt and he would lose interest then, but he enjoyed some of The Red Arrows and he kept pointing at the sky. In the end , the conditions could not have been better and we all thoroughly enjoyed the display.

There were closing fireworks at 9.30pm but I am not a great fan of the noise and I soon get bored after some initial ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahhs’. Although it was a really impressive firework display, my heart was really lost to The amazing Red Arrows.

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