And now the End is near…..

It is time to pack up today after two fabulous weeks on holiday  together. I have told Joshua that we are leaving and he has seen the suitcases come out again, but who knows if he really understands. He has been coming here, to this holiday home, all of his life, from being a small baby, and so it is entirely familiar to him and he knows which is his bedroom as soon as we arrive – although in the wee small hours, several times this holiday he has swapped his bed for mine! I have written about Joshua being a home-bird before and he feels so comfortable here that when we have been out on a trip and we approach the right road, he begins to jig in his seat and say ” back home!” so I know that this is a home from home for him.

But Joshua has the best outlook on life : he lives for the moment and while he is happy to be here, he will be super-excited late tonight when we get home again. So long as he is fed, entertained, not too hot and cuddled frequently, Joshua is contented wherever he is, so he is happy with the basics and anything more is a bonus. I predict that on Sunday morning, when he wakes up in his own bed, he will leap out and will peruse the house to check that everything is still in its place, where he left it and wil ask for ‘The Show’ DVD as we did not bring it with us and he has asked for ‘Robbie’ several times while here.

Joshua still has another two weeks or so off , so going home does not mean going back to his usual school routine quite yet. Whereas I will be back at work on Monday morning and that represents a big change for me: Having been with Joshua and his Dad 24/7 for the last fortnight, except for the two hours when my sister took charge of Joshua while we went for a wet bike ride together and apart from the sunrise walks that I enjoy with Ruby, while both boys are still fast asleep! I always find that I miss him during the day when we come home, that to see him awake for three hours when I get home from work, before he goes to bed does not seem sufficient, but that is our normal weekday routine. I should not be too sad as we have had a great time and we have another August bank holiday coming up, so that will be a short week and that tends to mark the end of the Summer holidays, when that autumn chill can arise in the evening.

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