“Back Home”

Joshua was such a good lad yesterday throughout what must have been avery dull day for him, as mostly we were either packing and tidying up or else we were travelling, yet he was well behaved throughout both processes. He watced his films on my ipad much of the morning, with the occasional contribution of hoovering up. We were all rewarded for our hard work with a delicious lunch, sitting outside a cafe on the beach. Joshua tyically devoured his scampi and chips, followed by hot chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice-cream. Then it was back to the house for the final touches to the packing and cleaning.

We left our holiday home at 6pm, as planned, and caught a ferry across the solent back to the mainland and away from our holiday isle. As we sat down on the ferry, Joshua was excited and said “boat!” and kept waving at other vessels through the window and at other passengers too. It was as though he knew that this would be the highlight of a long trek home. He enjoyed the short sail then settled back into the front passenger seat, with me seated behind him.

My husband drove for several hours before we stopped at a fast food restaurant for some refreshments and a break. As soon as he saw the golden arches he was beside himself with joy, shouting “Donalds, Donalds” at the top of his voice. There was a long queue and he delighted the fellow customers with his enthusaism – one nurse who was on her way home after a long shift, told him that she agreed, it was the highlight of her day too. Although he insisted on flashing his bare tummy in the queue, Joshua certainly lifted the mood in that queue and Ronald McDonald could have paid Joshua commission for his enthusiastic endorsement of  his Happy Meals.

Once he was full, he was happy to settle back into the front seat of the car and continue the long haul home. We were thwarted by roadworks at 11pm when four lanes of traffic had to reduce down to one, so we were stationery, and frustrated, for some time. We had travelled late at night to avoid this congestion! At Around 1.30am, a tired Joshua had assessed the situation and asked for “jamas” and “bed”, as if we were in any doubt what he wanted. We approached our home-town at 2am and Joshua recognised the route, shouting “back home” at the top of his voice, with relief. He would not stay in the car while we unpacked it, he climbed out himself and ran into the house, he clearly felt that he had been patient enough!

He grinned to be home and out of the car, and we went straight upstairs to his bedroom and into his longed for “jamas” and “bed”. There was no fuss, he was fast asleep immediately and I am expecting a lie in this morning too. We are so lucky to have such an easy traveller, as that long journey would be made so much worse if he had been agitated or even asking ‘are we nearly there yet?’ Instead he understands it is the price we pay for such a fabulous holiday and he settles down and listens to the loud music that played throughout the journey, rarely even closing his eyes. So thank you Joshua, you are a real star!

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