“Your Josh”

As I left to pick Joshua up from respite, I was fairly certain that he would be pleased to see me but I underestimated by just how much. When I arrived he was sitting on his own in the conservatory, and  a member of staff said that he had just had to tell him off using his full name, for hiding the landline telephone again! As I came out of the darkness for him, repeating his full name and wiggling my finger at him, he was squinting, trying to see who it was! It was only when I got closer that he recognised me and he leapt off the settee and ran towards me, beaming. He squoze me tight and would not let go for ages, grinning from ear to ear.

He ran down the corridor towards the exit and leapt into the car, I do not think that he had had a bad stay, just that he knew where he would rather have been this weekend. He shut the passenger door behind him leaving me to load his luggage and wheelchair. When we set off, he kept grinning at me, getting his face really close to mine and he said ” Your Josh!” and I agreed, that he was indeed ‘My Josh!’. For the first 45 minutes of the journey home, he was very giddy, talking constantly, high-5ing and eating an apple and a packet of crisps. Then he suddenly drooped and went sleepy, but he had second wind when we were almost home, as he recognised the familiar roads and he began shouting “Back home!” adn got excited again.

When we pulled into the drive, he did not wait for me to shut the gate, but he leapt out of the car and ran into the unlocked house. He scanned the house, going into every room and playing with everything briefly – so at one point he was playing the piano, with Robbie Williams singing in the background, with Shrek on the ipad and the cordless hoover both lying on the floor and surrounded by tennis balls to throw for Ruby. There was absolutely no doubting that he was happy to be home. He devoured his lunch and then wondered about a nap,but was too busy to fit that in.

I love how Joshua shows his affection and his emotion, it would be impossible to miss even by someone who did not know him that well. He has very limited language but he still managed to talk all the way home. There was no hint of a sulking teenager or an epileptic who had recently had emergency medication after a bad cluster of seizures, this  was a happy young man who had all that he wanted in life.



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