The Final Countdown

The weather has noticeably become autumnal, I noticed that it has started to get darker around 7pm these days and of course in many places August Bank holiday marks the end of the summer holiday season. Joshua will be returning to school a week today and he seems to have been off forever. So with a week more to go, what are the things that we ought to be doing:

  • In previous years we have used the final week to try to get back into a decent bedtime routine, as normally bedtime and getting up times have both slid. But this year he has consistently been in bed between 9 and 10pm and has usually been awake around 8am, so there is no remedial work needed there,
  • Most parents seem to rush out to be new school shoes for the new term, but Joshua only wears NHS splints and boots, so there is no need to make any footwear purchases at all. Being a sixth former now, Joshua does not need to wear school uniform any more, so he just wears his normal clothes, so no investment in new uniform is required. The only purchase I have made is a new pair of swimmimg trunks as his previous ones came back threadbare at the end of term.
  • We do not need to rush around to get any health appointments organised: Joshua’s teeth are in better order now than they  were at the start of the holidays – Thank goodness that dentist trauma is behind us now – and his physiotherapist is squeezing in a home visit on the last day of the holidays too. We have two orthopaedic hospital appointments booked in for next month too, to review the best way to improve his right hand and foot, which have become very contorted.
  • I often feel mother’s guilt at the end of the holidays that I have not spent enough time with Joshua, that I have done too much work and not enough play, but I think we have got the balance just right this year. He is coming with me to Granny’s house this afternoon and we are both staying overnight, while I do some work in the North West. I would like to think that Joshua feels as though he has had a fun summer, but that he has some fun weekends booked in for September too, so it is not the case that the fun stops here! We have no september respite weekend but, to suit us, we have two booked in for October.

So I think that all that remains is to continue to have fun during this final week of school holidays and to get well-rested for the new term that is about to begin. Some parents will argue that the school summer holiday is too long and they cannot wait for their children to get back there, but as ever I feel that it has flown by and that it only seems like a blink ago that Joshua was breaking up at the end of July, I , for one, have certainly not been counting the minutes until school take him back. I am confident however that Joshua will love to see the staff and his peers once again and I expect him to simply pick up where he left off.

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