There’s no Place like Granny’s Home

I stayed last night at Mum’s house as I need to be in this area for work and as it is still the school holidays, Joshua came with me to see his Granny. We drove across in the afternoon and he was very excited as we pulled into the drive. He burst in through the front door and immediately pounced on the piano, banging out a welcome tune with a flourish. I had just five minutes to brief my mum, then I left them to it as I went to my meeting, Granny was cutting up some apple for him as I left.

Joshua was delighted to see me two hours later when I got back and it sounded as though he had been full of beans, there were coasters and cushions scattered on the floor of most downstairs rooms. I sat at the kitchen table drinking my cup of tea, chatting, when we heard footsteps overhead. I went upstairs to find the culprit and Joshua stuck his cheeky head out of the door of the spare room, where he was clearly about to strip the bed. So I brought him back downstairs, where he began sweeping the hall carpet. The only time that he sat still was two enjoy his homemade fish pie – he had seconds! – and then he was busy again.

I decided on an early bath to settle him down, where there was rather a lot of splashing, so we went staright from the bath across the landing to bed and some calming stories. He snuggled down and I lay next to him for a while, and it seemed as though he would fall asleep. I was dozing off myself when I remembered he had not had his bedtime medication, so I crept downstairs to get it. I met a stripey-pyjama clad grinning young man on the stairs, heading back down to say hello to Granny, on my way up, so I managed to turn him around and we went back to bed together. Whether the melatonin did its job or he just admitted defeat, I am not sure but there were no more jumping-out-of-bed incidents and he settled  down to sleep…

Well until some time in the midle of the night, it was still dark, when he found me in my single bed and climbed in too. It was quite a squash but we both went back to sleep and he is still there now.

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