We are Family

We all fulfill many roles in our lives : I am a mother,  wife,  employee, friend,  Director,  school governor and  a dog-owner, amongst other things. But this weekend, I am a daughter and a sister primarily. For a treat, I have come away with my Mum and my sister and we have stayed away overnight, leaving my husband in charge of Joshua .It has been a real break to mooch around a stunning town, without worrying about wheelchair access and where the nearest disabled toilets are and to not have anyone grabbing the sunglasses off my face regularly, but to think about myself and what I want to do more than usual.

We met around midday yesterday and we have laughed a lot since then. Having checked into our apartment, which is both modern and luxurious, we headed up the hill to a famous tearoom for our pre-booked afternoon tea. It was held in a beautiful bright room and we were seated in prime position by an open window overlooking parkland and a pianist played, as we absorbed the special atmosphere. We giggled, took photographs and enjoyed the most delicious food and drank endless cups of tea from bone china. It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon together and our two hours in there, just flew by and we swore that we would never need to eat again!

We walked around a park on the way back to our flat, which was also stunning and the weather helped as it was a balmy evening, so we felt like we might be abroad, rather than less than two hours from home. We collapsed on the leather settee, compared photographs and Mum wrote her postcards from her holiday. After resting and digesting, we  were renewed and we changed and headed out again for drinks on the terrace of the large hotel opposite. We observed and speculated about a black-tie function that was being held there and we planned our next jaunt next year! We decided that we could fit in some more food after all and at 9pm we sourced a very tasty sharing platter to keep us going.

We were back at the apartment for 10.30pm after our big night out, then it was bath and bed. We have another big day of family fun today, before we each head back to our respective homes and lives. But this has been a wonderful mini-break  : a holiday with the only two ladies who have known me all of my life and a real break from some of my daily responsibilities. So I am feeling  very fortunate and grateful this morning.

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