Back to School, back to books……

I see from parents’ Facebook posts, that this long summer holiday has been diffcult for some families to handle and so this will be a week of mixed emotions for them :

There are those whose autistic children have not been able to understand the change and have asked for school for everyday of the holidays. I know that some parents have had to drive to the school, to prove that it was really closed! There are those who have not been able to express their confusion, but have simply responded to the change by displaying challenging behaviour at home and when out in public.

There are those who will struggle to get back into school routine this week, who have got out of the way of an early bed and early rising routine – this used to be us! I could never imagine by September how I ever got Joshua up and dressed by 8am! However this summer, Joshua has maintained his 9pm-7/8am sleep pattern during the holidays, which will suit well, so no adjustment should be needed.

There will be last minute school shoe shopping, which most Mums seem to do but I have never really understood, as it has only been six weeks, so why would their feet expand in that time? Joshua has worn big, clumpy NHS boots over his splints  for years now and so, shoe shopping has not been a necessity for us for a very long time. If I get time, I will polish them though.

I enjoy Joshua’s company, so the main thing for me will be the adjustment to not having him around as much : I will see him for an hour maximum in the morning and that getting ready time is usually pretty full on! Then on work days, Yorkshire Grandma will meet him from school and I will see him for a couple of hours when I get home from work. As that after-work time also has to involve preparing and eating an evening meal – Yorkshire Grandma feeds Joshua almost as soon as he gets in from school – and the bathtime routine, that is also a busy time of day.

Joshua goes back to school on Wednesday this week, so he is having a day out with his Dad, Aunt and two younger cousins today ,to cram some last minute fun in. So he will only have a three day week to adjust in this week. In the old days, he was always extra-sleepy after a holiday, but I am not expecting that drowsiness at school this year. Judging by how lively he has been over the holidays, I think , and hope, he will continue to approach life at 100mph!

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