Onwards and upwards

Joshua was up in good time yesterday morning to have his breakfast downstairs, before getting dressed for his first day back at school. In the old days, I always felt that his school uniform was a useful cue to indicate that it was a school day, to distinguish it from hoidays and weekends. But now that Joshua is in sixth form, they do not wear uniform, so school days look much like any other day. So I kept on repeating to him that he was going back to school, as we got ready for the day ahead. Thankfully this time he did not utter “No way!” as he had doen earlier in the week so I took that as acceptance of the inevitable.

Despite this repitition, Joshua still looked surprised as he stepped outside to get into his taxi. The passenger assistant was the same as last year and he gave her a big grin, but it was a new vehicle and a different driver. He climbed into the car nonetheless and  pointed at the driver, asking him to respond in some way, so they will have to get to know each other over time. The escort said that Joshua kept a puzzled but happy expression on his face throughout the journey to school.

I was feeling pleased with myself that I had got him fed, medicated, dressed all in time for his 8.20 pick-up, but I had forgotten something critical : on my way to work, I suddenly remembered that I had omitted to send him with his emergency medication for the school nursing team! They give it back at the end of the summer term and so they would have no Midazolam at school for him and that would be a problem if he should start fitting. So I called my husband and asked him to take some into school , so that he would only be 30 minutes without it at the most. I then called the school nurses to tell them what I had forgotten and that it was already on its way. The  crisis was averted but I no longer felt quite so smug about how well I had done!

I was at work when Joshua got home from school, Yorkshire Grandma met him and said that he was happy but starving hungry. I was eager to see him when I got home from work and to read the home/school diary to see what kind of day he had had. It told me that he was happy to be back, being busy greeting everyone, which I can certainly picture. I also read that they had a ‘battle’ to get him to settle down to any work, but that he had enjoyed it once he had been persuaded, which I can also well-imagine. That sounds like a successful return to school to me and so from now on it is onwards and upwards and I just hope that the weeks do not fly by too quickly.

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