At the weekend Joshua developed another lifeskill – he helped me to undress himself by pulling his own trousers down. He has previously stood pretty passively and allowed me to undress him, so this was another step forward in independence skills and of course I praised him heavily : telling him how clever and grown up he was, and we all went to bed, both happy and proud.

When he got home from school on Monday, his home/school diary advised me that he had been undoing the drawstring of his jogging bottoms and attempting to pull his trousers down in class – not so clever or grown up Joshua!! I explained that he was either practising his  new skill or he had progressed from just flashing his bare tummy at strangers. I took control and dressed him in more secure trousers yesterday , so that he would have to negotiate both a button and zip to remove them and that seems to have had some success, although I am adding a belt into the mix today!

So if I give him the benefit of the doubt, that he is developing his newly acquired undressing skill, we now clearly have to work on where and when it is appropriate to use that talent : at bedtime and bathtime, in his own home, would be my guidance, and certainly not in the shops or in the middle of class. Perhaps he thought that he would earn more attention and praise at school if he showed off  his undressing skill, or possibly he found staff’s reaction funny, who knows what his motivation was?  I do not want to discourage him from learning new lifeskills like this but he certainly needs to learn that there is a place and time for undressing and we will watch this new development with interest.

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