Happiness is a Warm Puppy

It was a very exciting day yesterday, as finally , after work, we collected our 8 week old jack russell puppy and brought Kevin home. He is very small still and we introduced him to the house, Joshua and our two existing dogs Max and Ruby, gradually and he seemed to take it all pretty much in his stride. He slept last night in the utility room , with Ruby, though he was in a cage, like he is used to with his mother and sisters. He greeted me with lots of wags when I came downstairs just now and he is following me and Ruby around everywhere this morning, with an adorable waddle and squeak. But already he has settled in better than I expected, given how many new experiences he faced last night : his first ride in a car, his first encounter with a cat, his first meeting with Joshua in his giant boots which are twice the size of Kevin and his first night away from his Mum and sisters.

Joshua was pleased to see us home and was definitely curious about the new addition, but once he had seen Kevin and pointed at him, he was then frustrated at all the attention that this puppy was attracting, so he went upstairs to his bedroom, out of the way, to await bathtime. I am confident that they will become good friends, but for now, everyone needs to acclimatise and adjust. I am very aware that we need to ensure that nobody feels pushed out by Kevin’s arrival – neither of our dogs or Joshua. Star the cat looks furious and keeps glaring at him, but he can easily stay out of Kevin’s way by remaining upstairs for the time-being. With his short, stumpy legs, it will be some time before Kevin can master the stairs.

I have noticed this morning, how much braver the pup is when Ruby is around. She is pretty wary of him and is sitting on the settee as I write this, out of his reach, though he is stretching and crying to get up there too. I opened the back door when I came downstairs , to encourage him to do his business outside, but he stood on the doorstep and gazed at the darkness, very reluctant to step over the threshold. But once Ruby came outside to the dustbins with me, big brave Kevin joined us and ran around our yard, wagging his tail. So all he needs are some canine role models and he will soon adjust to life in this mad family and luckily we have two of those!  Ruby our cocker spaniel, is 7 now, so it is sometime since we have had a puppy in the house and before that 14 years ago, we had a litter of six adorable puppies with us for eight weeks with Honey, their mother and we ended up keeping three of that litter! So far, Kevin has brought nothing but joy and wonder to our household – but I know the chewed shoes and the little accidents wll come later, for now I am just enjoying him.

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