School Life

I was in school all morning yesterday, for the first time this term and  it felt good to be back there. I always enjoy taking Joshua into school as I can see how he responds when he arrives and how he greets the satff. Yesterday, he could not wait for me to sort out my bags on the back seat of the car, he opened the passenger door himself and was out, raring to go. He dragged me into school, so I was in no doubt that he was pleased to be there. We got to Reception and he immediately spotted one of the 6th form teaching assistants and he ran up to her for a hug, even though she was not there for him but was taking a peer swimming.  Joshua was collected by his TA and taken upstairs, without so much as a backward glance. I could hear him talking and shouting happily in the stair well as I walked towards my meeting.

I am part of a working party that brings parents and school together in ‘partnership’ to discuss issues of interest to us both. Yesterday we discussed the school website, communications with parents and their approach to Relationships and Sex Education, which is a challenge when the ability and understanding of the pupil base is so varied.  We meet up every half term and try to represent the views of all parents, so that the parent  voice is heard in school decision-making.

After that meeting, I caught up with noisy Joshua again, as we were meeting Orthotics with his troublesome splints, which are rubbing his ankle and making it sore and I had a great welcome, as though he had not seen me all day! They have taken his splints  away again to adjust for the third time. Joshua enjoyed the appointment, surrounded by three young ladies. While the Physiotherapist was removing his boots and socks, he was pulling and stroking her tempting ponytail which was right at his level, but luckily they have all known him for a long time, so tolerate his ways. So that she could see his foot position when walking, the orthotist rolled his trousers up to his knees, which he was not happy about and he kept pulling them trouser leg down again, so it became an amusing battle of wills. Once she had finished with him and he was back in his boots, he rushed down the school corridor at top speed to get  back to class, or lunch, I am not sure which but I know that I had to run to catch him up!

If ever I needed any reassurance that Joshua was happy in school and that he was in the right setting, I got it in bucket-loads yesterday.


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