The Host with the Most

We invited a family of friends around for tea last night and when they first arrived, Joshua was dozing on the settee in his Den. But then he soon learned that there was an audience in the house and that they were playing with Kevin, our new puppy, so he appeared to make his own presence felt and to perform. He sat very close to their son, ruffled his hair, tried to steal his glasses and to lift his shirt up, all with a cheeky glint in his eye. He joined us for the meal, which he enjoyed but towards the end , he went upstairs and we could hear from the monitor, that he was removing books from the bookshelf on the landing and throwing them on the floor – another effective attention-seeking tactic! But he was safe on the landing, so long as he did not fall over all of the paperbacks on the floor, as he was shut in so that he could not mess about on the stairs.

Throughout the fun evening, he would breeze in and out, to check what was going on.  I like to think that he was behaving rather like a typical teenager, one that was not going to admit that he enjoyed the company of his Mum’s friends! He repeatedly showed off his new trick, that of dropping gently onto his knees on the floor and kneeling there for a while, then getting up again. He is able to get himself up again, with no assistance, so I think that it must be great physiotherapy for him to encourage that movement. He is so much more agile and flexible, certainly, than he used to be.

He was worn out when they left and asked for ” jamas” and he was asleep within minutes of getting into bed. It seems that all this showing off, is exhausting!

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