Too good to be True

Joshua has always shown that he loves me, by the way that his face lights up when I get home from work or when I appear unexpectedy at school, by the bear hugs that he frequently gives me and by the fact that he follows me around at home, desperately trying to get my attention. That all means so much and I have never had to worry how he feels, even when he was pretty mute or oblivious when I left him with a childminder or at school and he never gave me a second glance, as I have always known how he feels.

But Joshua said something very , very special yesterday morning, as we had finished getting dressed ready for school : He said ” Emma” and I said yes, with a snigger as it makes me giggle when he calls my name rather than saying ‘Mummy’ or ‘Mum’. He replied with ” I like you” and gave me one of his bear hugs. It briefly took my breath away and then I replied ” I like you too”. That he could voice how he was feeling was so special and if I never hear it again, I will always have that simple expression of affection from him. What a way to start my day, I was grinning from ear to ear.

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