Caught Napping

I am out of practice, just to keep me on my toes, while Dad is away overnight, Joshua thought he would like to get up at 3.30. He would not get back into bed, so we both came downstairs and he had his Weetabix a bit early. Once he had finished his three Weetabix, he headed back upstairs and into his bedroom. So  I thought that he was simply hungry – though Heaven only knows how, the amount he ate last night. I went back to my bed and expected us both to get some more winks, but no at 4.30 he was back out of bed and on the landing, and judging by the books on his bedroom floor, no winks had been gained in there at all. So we are both up, have had a 5am bath, done some baking and put a load of washing on.

3am always used to be a crunch time for Joshua when he was younger, so I am not unfamliar with this time of day, just that I have not made its acquaintance more recently, luckily. If I set an alarm, we could have a power nap before we need to get dressed, just to top ourselves up, as it wasn’t even an especially early night either. In othe old days, Johshua  would have made up for lost time on a giant beanbag in the corner of the classroom, but these days he is too busy and nosey to nap at school – he might miss something!

I tend to find that I will be OK this morning, but by 2/3pm, the tiredness will start to hit me. I start to feel dizzy and a bit nauseus and if I can just have a short nap, I find that I am able to carry on until bedtime. I will try to doze in my lunch hour, as I am in the office today and siestas are, regrettably, not encouraged in our culture. The siesta is a luxury reserved for weekends and holidays.

As I look across from my laptop now, my cheeky son is snuggling down on the settee, under a throw, all set for a snooze, and I think that I might join him……



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