Family Fun part 2

It was another busy family day yesterday, full of cousins, grannies, sisters and nieces as I went to my cousin’s baby daughter’s christening. It was over a three hour drive away so we decided that Joshua would stay at home with Dad and Nanna, while I took my mum, sister and niece down South.

We had a lot of laughter and chatter in the car on the way and we arrived on the dot of 11, despite our early departure and smooth journey, so we sneaked into the back of the church. After the service we went to my cousin’s lovely family home for a delicious celebration lunch. It was an opportunity to meet new family members for the first time and to get re- acquainted with those I had not seen for some time.

Most  members of the family asked after Joshua and I was able to bring them up to speed on our cheeky boy. On several occasions I was grateful that he was not with me, although he would have enjoyed the occasion : he would not have sat still in church after over three hours car journey, the house was crowded with guests and so Joshua would have struggled to find somewhere to sit down and he would have made a nuisance of himself flashing his tummy and trying to stroke the hair of strangers! So although he would have enjoyed the party, it was a more relaxing event without him in tow I’d say and I really appreciated having the choice.

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