Today is another Day

As Joshua set off for school yesterday, we had no idea what his day would bring. He had got used to seeing both of his Grannies when he came downstairs in the morning, so he might be surprised later today when neither are here any more. He went happily to school, shutting the door of the taxi quickly as soon as I had kissed him goodbye, keen to get moving.

I had a call from the school nurse at 1 pm to tell me that he had experienced a cluster of seizures and they had gone on so long that he had needed to have his emergency medication. He had hit a member of staff in the face in between seizures too, which he has never done before. They said that he was still coming around so I asked her to call me at 2.30 when we would decide if he was well enough to travel home by school taxi or not.

But a teaching assistant called half an hour later to tell me that he was shattered and needed to sleep it off, with his splints, boots and helmet off. I was happy to authorise that but felt that he would be better sleeping it off really at home, in his den quietly on the settee, rather than on a beanbag in a noisy classroom. But they were able to provide makeshift resting facilities and they have access to a nurse at school should he have begun fitting again. But the call left me nervous at work, awaiting another update.

The TA called back at 2.30 and explained that though now awake, Joshua was woozy still and so my husband set off to bring our washed out son home, rather than risking the taxi , where he has no quick access to midazolam if it is needed again. He was sitting waiting for him in reception when his dad arrived to collect him.

When I got home from work, Joshua was wandering around, having eaten some tea. There had been no more seizures and Yorkshire Grandma had taken charge. Having slept a fair bit at school, he was pretty lively during the evening and at bedtime he jumped out of bed several times before he settled down to sleep.

This was not the start to the week that I had hoped for, for him but as with most things, he took it in his stride and today is another day, so let’s hope that it’s a better one.

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