Win, win!

On Friday I am hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Joshua’s Special School to raise funds for this very special, important cause that is close to my heart. I had originally said that I would not hold a coffee morning as it is my birthday and so , selfishly, I had not particularly wanted to bake and hostess on my birthday. But then, an important lady in my life has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and begins treatment next month, and this came as a wake up call to me : cancer does not care if it is your birthday or not! So I volunteered to host the school event, which will be fun I am sure.

I have roped in helpers, both  extra bakers and helpers on the day itself – I have already got two apple loaves and  some chocolate tiffin ready in the kitchen and I am still expecting a  banana loaf, orange cake, parkin and a ginger cake to arrive before the day. I have some brownies bubbling in the oven now as I am writing. In addition the classes at school are going to bake and donate their creations and some parents and staff might also bring along something home-made or shop-bought on the day.

The  World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support day happens to fall on the last friday of September so it would have been our normal Parent Coffee Morning date anyway, only this one should be bigger and better. I am hoping that it will be a good way for the new parents, who’s children joined the school earlier this month, to meet other parents and to take part in the first social occasion of the new term.

I ran my first Macmillan Coffee Morning 5 years ago as a tribute to my boss, and mentor, who had died of prostate cancer earlier in the summer, as he always said how brilliant his Macmillan nurse was, so it seemed fitting.  I am sure that we will raise more money at school than we did at our small company as we have asked that the pupils bring cash to buy cake at break time as well as parents being invited in. So I am hoping that we are rushed off our feet, as who doesn’t like cake??

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