Wedding Guests

We were invited to our god- daughter’s wedding last night and I booked us a family room in the beautiful hotel where the reception was being held. It was to be my husband’s birthday treat and I booked today off work to play. However sadly he could not come, due to his trapped nerve, he could not have sat still and in comfort for the three hour drive here. So Joshua and I came on our own to represent our family .

My husband’s aunt, uncle and two cousins were both sitting in the foyer when we arrived in our travelling clothes. So I said our brief hellos and then we escaped to our family suite to get changed, Joshua made a head start with his trousers on the landing!! I took lots of photos to send to my husband as the next best thing to bring there! Joshua enjoyed the complimentary apple while I changed into my dress and then I chased him around to get him into his Prom suit.

Joshua definitely recognised his Nanna and Aunts in the bar and he stroked their hair and showed them his bare tummy as a greeting. But he was not interested in sitting and chatting for long, he was off exploring. That is how most of my evening went- he would sit for 5 minutes, especially when I produced Shrek on my iPad, then he was racing down corridors . I managed to get him up and dancing with his aunts and me several times when my favourite tunes were played and he enjoyed some chips for supper.

The bride and groom looked stunning and elegant and in keeping with the grand surroundings. I kept sending photographs to my husband with a running commentary ,so that he felt included.

We headed to bed at 10.30 – 90 minutes later than his usual bedtime – and he was immediately asleep in our king sized bed. I rang home then followed him to bed. It was a lovely but exhausting evening, I was ready for bed too so we left the revellers to it.

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