Table for two

Joshua and I had yesterday off school/work, as we knew that we would be 3 hours away from home still, after the family wedding. I sneaked out of bed at my usual 5am and ran myself a bath, but as it was running, a sleepy Joshua appeared to join me. So he had the bath water instead. He wore a hotel dressing gown after his bath and sat on the bed settee to relax, but within 2 minutes, he began to have a cluster of seizures. I timed and counted them and thankfully, he only had six and then they stopped of their own accord and he tried to curl up on the settee. So I walked him carefully back to bed, where he enjoyed another two hours deep sleep and slightly delayed, I enjoyed my turn in the bath.

Surprisingly, we were first downstairs in the smart hotel dining room and we were seated at a table for two beside the window, overlooking the gardens. Joshua had his medication in some  very posh yogurt with rhubarb compote and then my husband’s Aunt, Uncle and two cousins arrived to join us. Joshua was delighted to see them and kept shouting across to them ” I like you”, spoiling the quiet atmosphere of the smart restaurant but at least he was shouting something pleasant. He enjoyed cornflakes but  rejected the pancakes that I ordered for him, as he is not used to a cooked breakfast and he decided that cereal would suffice. The bride and groom arrived with their friends  and Joshua was oblivious to the fact that the other guests might be feeling delicate the morning after, as he continued to shout out.

We left them all in peace and packed up our things as we had an appointment to keep : an hour’s drive away, Joshua’s new off-road wheelchair that we ordered back in July, at the start of the school summer holidays, was finally ready for collection. The designer of the clever “trike” showed us how to fold it away and lift it into the boot, after Joshua had a brief ride around the car park to ensure that it fitted his long legs and that everything worked. We were very soon on our way again and we had another three hour drive home, where my husband was waiting for us, before opening his birthday presents. We took him out for a birthday tea and later I got my apron on again and made him a victoria sponge for a birthday cake.

All in all it was a jam-packed weekend again and I was certainly ready for my bed.

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