All is safely gathered in

Well yesterday went well and it was as emotional as I expected : the harvest festival at school was a fabulous experience. Lots of children read out loud and there were plenty of action songs to join in with. Joshua came with a few other 6 formers to watch and sat at the back of the hall, a couple of rows behind me. But he spotted me and waved and pointed at me and shouted ‘I like you’ at the top of his voice which made me glow. At one point he took his TA down to the front to have a closer look at what was happening on the stage, I held my breath as I wondered if he would flash his tummy or try to pull his trousers down, which is one of his new tricks, but he smiled and waved at the crowd , then sat down again.

I was sitting next to a parent who I didn’t already know and initially she was complaining about the chaos of children running around and the fact that she could not hear due to the faulty microphone. She claimed that she would not be coming to anymore school productions.But gradually she was won over as her son sang a duet, sang with his class and did a reading. By the end, she tearfully admitted that she was so glad that she had come.

On my other side was a mum who has become a friend and we watched as her autistic son enjoyed the festival. He surveyed the harvest table of food and helped himself to an apple , which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then he made us laugh more by admiring himself in the mirrored wall and getting very close to the assistant head, who clearly intrigued him. He was doing no harm, he was not distracting the other performers and by allowing him to wander, shadowed by a TA, he was able to enjoy the school event that he couldn’t have coped with in his seat probably. His mother was delighted at how well he had done and I enjoyed watching both of their pleasure.

I had a final hug from Joshua as we left the hall and I went back to work for a few hours, this years harvest, as far as I was concerned, was a huge success.

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