That Friday Feeling

My husband and I arrived in Belgium yesterday for a weekend away , while Joshua is at his respite provision. He know has just five more weekends there before he turns 18 so we are making the most of it. Not only does it show my faith in their care, to be this far away, but I didn’t even call last night to hear how he was! I’d had a text from the taxi driver to say that he had arrived safely and that he was tired but happy , so then I relaxed knowing that he’s in safe hands.

We went out for a meal in a pretty market square, where it was warm enough to eat outside and watch the world go by. Then we watched a string quartet perform as buskers to a large crowd and we wandered around admiring the sights lit up at night. We had another drink in a different bar then both agreed we would head back to our beautiful hotel room.

Fridays are usually sleepy nights, not just for Joshua but for me too : the exertions of the busy week, finally come to an end. I have Fridays off work, only working 4 days a week, so they are always special days that I use to relax or to regularly make chasing phone calls. It sets me up for the weekend and I feel that I’ve missed out if, on occasions, I’m required to work on a Friday.

Joshua too is often worn out by Friday and he often has a sleep on the settee when he gets in from school. He had a stage when he would often have seizures on a Friday and as we know that tiredness is a trigger for him, that was understandable. I am hoping that this was not the case for him last night.

If necessary , the respite staff have four emergency contacts to call : Yorkshire Grandma, my sister and two close friends , so they will take care of things on our behalf. Thank you everyone who enabled us to come away.

So as I wake up early in this hotel room, I’m feeling very fortunate and I am raring for it to get light so that I can go and explore before breakfast. Thank you for Friday but now, roll on Saturday!

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