I have told Yorkshire Grandma that I will meet Joshua after school today , as it seems forever since I saw him last. While being overseas, I have not called his respite provision for news at all ,but they have kindly sent me emails with daily updates. The highlights are that he has been cheeky and affectionate, and the lowlights are that he suffered a cluster of seizures yesterday afternoon. Fortunately the seizures stopped without any intervention and none of my emergency stand- ins had to be contacted.

I wonder what Joshua thinks while he is away and if it seems forever to him since he was home too? We are fortunate that Joshua has never really given the appearance of worrying in his life, he’s never shown any separation anxiety. He appears to adjust well to change, so long as he is fed and gets attention, I don’t think that he pines for his parents ever. That being said, I am expecting a bear hug after school and possibly some protest behaviour too. He used to sulk after a respite weekend when he was younger.

My husband used to worry that when in respite, Joshua would fret that he was never going to see us again and that we had abandoned him. He’s now been having these weekends long enough to realise that they’re temporary. I don’t believe that Joshua has the capacity to worry like that, he seems to live only in the ‘here and now’. They make such a fuss of him there that he will have a ball, I am certain and coming home to just two parents might feel rather lame.

But we return home, topped up on sleep and relaxing fun, so we ought to be ready to handle whatever life throws at us again.

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