Be careful what you wish for

Now that our son has turned into a determined show off, I guess I can expect more calls from school like the one I had yesterday afternoon : There had been three new ‘behaviours’ to be reported to me and one had resulted in retaliation:

  1. Joshua had tried repeatedly to pull the glasses off the face of a fellow student. Irritated by him grabbing at the arms of his glasses on his face, his peer had hit Joshua on the nose. They had checked him over, and other than some redness and some hurt pride, Joshua was fine as he ‘sulked’ on the settee. Now I am surprised that this is the first time that school have seen this behaviour, as he has been pulling at mine and Yorkshire Grandma’s glasses for months and that is where his phrase ” No Glasses” came from originally, after being told no repeatedly.  It is certainly irritating.

My response to the member of staff who called me was, that he will have deserved it, as it is very annoying, as he waves around your eyes like an annoying wasp. I told Yorkshire Grandma and she too hoped that with this reaction he might desist, as rather than retaliating, I simply remove my glasses as they are clearly too interesting.

2. But that was not all he had been up to, he had also been opening and shutting the door to the girls’ toilets! Now Joshua has always loved messing with doors and enjoys the big sound that they make when slammed shut. But was his choice of door yesterday  deliberate, who knows? At my

3. Thirdly, Joshua began to remove his trousers when he was in the classroom. We had discussed this development earlier in the week as I suggested that it was being used to gain attention. The member of staff recognised that he was choosing to strip when he did not have one to one staff attention and I am sure that behaviour, immediately gained a response.

So that was all in one afternoon of fun for Joshua. I know that he is pushing boundaries to see what works and what he can get away with, perhaps the bop on the nose might not be the kind of attention that he was after!

Before Joshua went to school, I can clearly remember saying to our lovely health visitor : I hope that he does grow up to be a bad boy… that way at least he won’t be just a cabbage. Now you know what they say about being careful what you wish for….But actually, although we need to teach him better ways to get attention, I do really love this lively, unpredicatble young man who is finding out how to communicate and how to make his presence felt after so many years of being mute and passive.


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