Crash, bang, wallop

Yesterday I wrote about the unpredictability of Joshua’s behaviour, but last night I was faced with another element of unpredictability : his epilepsy. He had arrived home from school simply exhausted, as he often does by Friday , so much so that he had curled up to sleep on the settee, almost immediately for a nap for an hour. He had his tea then an early bath, once he woke up and was on good form after his sleep, as though he was then fully topped up.

I took him into his bedroom from the bathroom , where I began to dry him. Then I turned away to pick up his pyjamas, and heard a crash: a tonic clonic seizure had taken hold of him and unusually, he had crashed forwards rather than backwards. If he had gone back, he would simply have landed softly on his bed but sadly he went forwards this time, into his chest of drawers – he sent everything flying and even knocked the TV over, so that it landed on his head. While Joshua is fitting, all his limbs are stiff so I was trying to lift him off the drawers, concerned that he might have broken a rib, but he was so solid and stiff that he was difficult to manoeuvre. I had to wait for the seizure to subside to be able to lower him onto the floor, where he lay flat out while his eyes darted around his head still.

My husband appeared on the scene, having heard the crash from downstairs, and he found a blanket to cover him up with ,then fetched the emergency medicine, just in case, as the seizure was still going on. After what seemed like an eternity, Joshua pointed at me and smiled, then gradually he tried to sit up. He had gone ghostly white and he looked shattered, so I continued to get him in his pyjamas and slid him into bed. Unfortunately it took several attempts to get him to stay in his bed and even later, before he gave in to sleep.

When I woke up at 5am this morning, I was surprised to find Joshua in with me as I have no memory of him climbing in! I slid out and came downstairs to let the dogs out but soon afterwards, a bleary eyed Joshua appeared downstairs too. I gave him some weetabix ,which he ate greedily, then he took himself back up to bed and all quiet for now.

I am out of practice of those full tonic clonic seizures, more recently he has had clusters of jerks rather than seizures that throw him around. It just shows how quickly things can change, as I only turned my back on him for a couple of seconds. Luckily no real harm was done and we survived in tact.

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