Family Birthday Party

Joshua was on great form yesterday for our family party. He dozed off during the rainy two hour drive to my sister’s house, so that he was raring to go when he arrived. He was delighted to see his Aunt and Uncle, then he soon settled down with his ipad to watch Madagascar, while we all talked. The birthday girl appeared with her boyfriend and Joshua looked him up and down then announced, ” I like you!” which made us all smile.

My niece began opening her birthday presents, during which time Granny arrived too and she also got a hug and Joshua very clearly liked her too. When we sat down for lunch, Joshua enjoyed being surrounded by family as he looked around, taking us all in. He was hungry, as he kept pointing at the home-made lasagne, hoping that it was his turn to be served next. But his face really lit up when his uncle brought in a bowl of chips and placed them in front of him – now his day was complete! He proceeded to only eat chips, followed by two portions of apple crumble with custard, so it must have been a day for carbs. Again the ipad was useful for keeping Joshua at the table, while we sat around talking some more. He joined in and made us laugh when he shook his head enthsiastically in response to key questions. He definitely felt part of the party and made his presence felt.

He came in and out of the conservatory, where we retired for  a cup of tea, while we digested lunch and tried to make room for birthday cake. At one point he squeezed onto the settee next to me but virtually sat on the knee of my niece’s boyfriend, so they had become friends. He helped while Joshua messed around when I was trying to give him his medication in yogurt, which was kind. We all know what Joshua is like and make allowances for his quirks, but it is when someone new comes into the family that you become more aware of how Joshua might appear from the outside. But if he was taken aback , he did very well at not showing it and it was a happy, relaxed party.

It was dark by the time we left and Joshua was tired and quiet in the back of the car, so much so that I thought that he had gone to sleep. But when we stopped at the garage to check tyre pressures in response to a warning light, where there was an adjacent fast food outlet, it was clear that Joshua was not asleep and was very aware of the Big M as he began to shout out ” Doanlds…Donalds”. So we had to go inside and he had supper and we did not get home until 9.30pm, so it was straight to bed. Joshua had partyed hard so he was more than ready to go to sleep as soon as he climbed into bed. I was not far behind him.

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