On a school night!

I fear that this is going to be a long week : I left work early as my husband and I went to see a band with friends and my sister in law and we were not home until 1 am…on a school night! It was a brilliant show as we knew every song – they used to be our ‘holiday tape’ in the car- and the light show was incredible. The tickets were a Christmas present from last year and at the time we dithered about getting Joshua a ticket.

He used to enjoy live music , he has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert several times and been mesmerised. But latterly he has tended to fall asleep at concerts , indicating that he is happier to watch a DVD. As tickets are an expensive treat , we decided not to take him on this trip and so Yorkshire Grandma came to the rescue, meeting him from school and staying overnight so she could get him to bed. It was fortunate that he did not come as our seats were third from the back, up in the gods, so he would never have managed all the steps and we were mid row too- he could not have scuttled along a row without treading on people’s toes or stumbling and grabbing them. So this was just a night out for the grown ups and I’m sure he’ll be livelier than me this morning. On the journey home, after a day’s work first, I kept saying ‘it’s still Monday!’ as my eyes seemed to be open for a long time yesterday .

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