Theatre of Dreams

We had a brilliant theatre experience yesterday when we saw the musical ‘Matilda’. From the minute we rang the doorbell to be allowed in through the only wheelchair friendly door, we were looked after by Jack. He welcomed us into the theatre with a grin and ushered us towards a wheelchair lift to gain access up the three steps into the foyer. He asked us to wait in the foyer while he met another wheelchair user and then we were all taken to the lift to the circle, he made the crowd part like Moses and the Red Sea, so we did not have to struggle through the crowds.

We were shown to our seats in the circle, fortunately ours were the last four seats at the end of a row. Joshua managed to wriggle down the row and to negotiate those seats that tip up ,well. We were in position , up high, but with a great view of the stage in front of us and we began to greedily eat our snacks and treats, before even the orchestra had arrived.

I was blown away by the show and by the child actors, bravely singing solos in front of a full house. Joshua enjoyed the singing too but got a little distracted by the line up of long, straight hair in front of him which he really wanted to stroke! At one point in the first half he had a few small seizures and then he dozed. I changed him just before the interval as he was eager to stand up but it was not easy getting up the few steps in the dark – I needed Jack’s torch- and he struggled but once in the disabled toilet, I could see why : he had undone his boots, which will have made walking extra difficult and precarious.

The second half of the show was even more mesmerising- the dancing and the changing sets and stunts were breathtaking. I would really recommend going to see the performance,if you get the chance.

After the show we found our own way to the lift and had to glare at some able- bodied customers who were queuing to use the small lift down . Jack was downstairs manning the foyer lift and apologised for not coming to our aid, but three excited children , full of sugar perhaps, had been sick over him in the interval. But he was so cheerful and welcoming that he played a big part of my perfect theatre experience.

We stepped out onto the street with grins on our faces- and I had a tear in my eye- knowing that we had shared a really special performance. Those tickets were a great Christmas present and might represent the start of an annual tradition, as it went so well.

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