Work/Life balance

I have been working away since Thursday, all weekend, which is thankfully a rare occurrence for me and I will be really pleased to get home this afternoon, as I feel as though I have been away forever. I am so lucky that I was able to see Joshua, my friends and Matilda on Saturday afternoon, as an oasis of fun during a pretty intense weekend. I left our accommodation at 6.15 yesterday morning, both Joshua and I were up and padding around between 3am and 4am, when he had two bowls of cereal and we shared some toast, then I packed my bags while he watched Shrek on the ipad.  He was restless and so I snuggled in next to him around 4.30am and set my alarm for an hour later. I felt more tired when I re-woke up after an extra hour’s sleep, but I managed to slide out, shower and creep off in the dark without disturbing him, leaving my friend, who was also up early, in charge.

I drove for 4.5 hours, enjoying the driving experience until I reached our capital, where the traffic and navigation became more challenging and I struggled to find my destination. I work in market research, so I was moderating focus groups. I enjoy meeting new people, asking them questions for 2.5 hours to get to to the heart of issues, then knowing I will never see them again. It is  a people business and I enjoy getting to know strangers. I have been with the same two clients since Thursday now and we will meet up again this morning, to debrief, before I catch the train home.

During this intense weekend, I am a market researcher and  a project manager, I am not Joshua’s Mum, so it gives me the opportunity to leave him in the capable hands of others and to focus wholly on my work. I would not like to do that permanently, but it makes a refreshing change of outlook for a few days. This weekend I have been concerned by reporting and logistics, and the fact that Joshua needed his emergency medication at his respite provision, was not my problem. But even so I called them ,as usual, at 9pm for an update and then I promptly fell asleep with the lights, TV and my glasses all on!

One thing that has worked out well is that after these next 4 days of work, I have the parent coffeee morning at school on Friday – so need to get baking! – then we have a week’s holiday for October half term holiday together, when it will be no work and all play. I cannot wait for that week away, it could not come at a better time.

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