The best laid schemes of Mice & Men….

Yesterday I was looking forward to going home after a weekend of working away, to sleeping in my own bed, to seeing both of my boys and the dogs again. Sadly things went out of my control and once again, unpredictability kicked in …

I had enjoyed taking some sunrise photographs around London and had eaten a tasty hotel breakfast. When I got back to my hotel room after 8, Joshua’s respite provision rang me : the paramedics were there already as he had had seizures that would not stop and was on his way to A&E, could I come and meet him there? I explained that I was working in London but would send my husband, so I called him immediately. Then I felt sick and began shaking, with my mind going into overdrive at how far away I was and what Joshua might be feeling with neither of his parents there, beside him.

I began to take the practical steps that I could: I contacted his school taxi driver to divert them from picking him up, I left a message for school that he would not be coming in and I called my client, to explain why I needed an earlier and shorter than planned meeting and I investigated train times to a new destination! I checked out of the hotel and had my debrief meeting, which began with my client asking after my son so he heard Joshua’s brief medical history! I then had to focus on work, knowing that my husband had arrived at hospital so Joshua was being taken Care of.

I excused myself after most of the work was done and caught a tube train to London Kings Cross. I’d had a text from my husband to know that Joshua was no longer fitting but they were treating him for infection with iv antibiotics as his temperature had been 40 degrees. They had taken blood and had talked of a chest X-ray to investigate pneumonia! So I boarded a train knowing that I’d be with him in two more hours. During the journey I had photos and updates from my husband, which helped settle my nerves.

I found his ward, as he had been moved from A&E and Joshua was dozing when I arrived. But he sat up and beamed when he saw me and we hugged, delighted to be reunited. He moved wards again, to a teenagers ward where he could stay overnight , which did not contain screaming poorly babies,as they wanted to keep him in as a precaution and to give him more antibiotics overnight, to ensure that his temperature did not spike again.

So that is where we both are now, not in my own bed as planned, but on a camp bed next to Joshua’s hospital bed. We have both just been woken for his 2.30am iv antibiotics, which he took in his stride. He’s been a very good patient so far and I’m hopeful that they will allow us home later today if all goes to plan – though this eventuality wasn’t in anyone’s plan!

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