The Aftermath

We were full of euphoria to be back home after our adventure at A&E, and then normal life resumes. Joshua slept well in his own bed – as did I but for less time – but when he did get up, he had a very runny nose so he had been brewing a cold, which will have contributed to his high temperature too. Due to his upset stomach, he needs to be off school for 48 hours, even though I am pretty sure he is not infectious, that it is a reaction to the Midazolam and anti-biotics. But pretty sure is not definite and we cannot risk infecting his fellow students and staff ready for their half term break, so we made arrangements for him to stay at home : I was in charge until 11, while my husband attended an apointment that he had already made, and then he took over for the rest of the day , while I went into work, despite my “fuzzy head”. I have orgnaised that Yorkshire Grandma will take care of Joshua today and then we should be back at school tomorrow, all being well.

Despite his runny nose, Joshua was full of energy and was constantly drifting between his bedroom and his den, unsure what he wanted to do or what he wanted to watch. He refused to eat the lunch that his Dad made for him and he spat out the tea that I prepared too. He would however eat satsumas and rice pudding, suggesting that he has a sore throat as well as a runny nose. It is necessary to be a detective when your child cannot tell you if something hurts or if he feels ill.. So I dosed him up with magic Calpol and gave his another hot bath, and stopped nagging him to eat his meal, as I am sure that he will more than make up for it when he feels better and his appetite returns.

My colleagues at work wanted to hear about my adventure : my busy working weekend and also our trip to hospital. It was a big day in our office calendar yesterday, we had our annual quality audit, when an inspector comes to assess if we are keeping to our stated procedures. It is usually a stressful day but I had a new outlook on being examined : after the stress that I had experienced over last weekend , an inspector asking me questions and to show him my paperwork held no fear for me at all. In fact, I became rather giddy during my ‘interview’ but fortunately I did not cause us to lose our accreditation with my light-hearted approach. But compared to the life and death scare of a call that your son is being taken into A&E with uncontrolled seizures and a sky-high temperature, market research, and whether or not I ticked a particular box, was very low on my list of priorities. But not so low that I chose to stay at home and avoid the inspection  completely, which might have been the easy option. But since when did I ever take the easy option in life?

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