Here we go again

When I woke Joshua up yesterday morning for school, he was hot and clammy with his cold so I gave him some Calpol and got him dressed for school. I drove him into school, thankfully as it turned out, as I was organising the parent coffee morning. Unfortunately after 10 minutes in the car Joshua began to have a seizure so I stopped the car, to hold his hand and to reassure him. Sadly that was not enough , as the seizures continued and he was not recovering well in between each one, so after the required wait, I administered midazolam – his second dose this week – and waited for it to take effect. The seizures slowed so I continued driving to school, as we were now late.

As I handed him over to the teaching assistant, Joshua had another small seizure and my heart sank. If the rescue medication had not worked, then we would have to call 999 and get an ambulance . I tried to convince myself that it was just a twitch and I sent him off to sixth form, telling them that I was only downstairs if they needed me. I proceeded to unpack my baking and to set up the cookery room, where we had been directed for a change. It was however not long before the staff came to fetch me, saying that he had had more jerks so I went to see him, where he was having his school photograph taken – with his flushed face and his heavy eyes, it was not his best look but I find that he is often ill on school photograph day.

We decided between us that he would come and sit in the coffee morning with us, minded by his TA, so that I was on the spot to make any decisions if we did need to go to A&E. Full of midazolam, all he really wanted to do was sleep it off, so I rolled up his coat as a pillow and he leant on his TAs shoulder and dozed. He opened his eyes occasionally to greet new arrivals and he told the Headteacher that he liked her, but for the most part, he sat unnoticed in the corner.

Despite the difficult start to the day, we had a good coffee morning. It was well attended and those who came, chatted easily and enjoyed the cake I had provided. We agreed a Christmas lunch in December ,at a local pub rather than coffee and cake in two months, which is exciting.

At midday we cleared away and I decided to take Joshua home with me , as he looked ghastly and he was hardly joining in with the last day of term, even though I had dressed him in a pumpkin T-shirt to follow the Halloween theme! When we got home he curled up on the settee under a blanket and slept solidly for 6 hours . We are waiting to see how he is this morning , to decide if he is fit enough to go on holiday today as it’s a long drive down south and he may need another day to recover. Luckily we have learnt to adapt our plans, as living life with epilepsy in the family is unpredictable , so we are getting used to putting plans on hold.

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