Slumber Party

Since having Joshua, my sleep patterns have been varied and I will tend to adopt a particular pattern for a few months and then move onto something different. At the moment I am sleeping very deeply for just 5-6 hours : I struggle to keep my eyes open beyond 11pm, and I know that as soon as my head hits my pillow, that I will fall into a deep, deep sleep. So in this mode, I am much less alert to any noises that Joshua makes in the night. So last night, for instance, the first that I knew that Joshua was awake and out of his bed was when he was standing over me in my bedroom. Once up at 1.15, I could see that he had been downstairs  wandering about, but I had heard nothing of that. I snuggled in next to him in his bed and we both nodded off, despite his barking cough, which kept rousing me from my slumber. Now at 4am, I have given up and I have slid out of bed and come downstairs.

Before this pattern, I would struggle to get to sleep at bedtime , then sleep lightly and struggle to wake up and get going in the morning, so the opposite to this pattern. The worst period during Joshua’s lifetime was after his brain surgery in 2014, the surgeon seemed to have altered some setting in his brain. As a result, after seizures, Joshua would be unable to sleep at all for 48 hours. He looked like a walking zombie, but his brain would not let him close his eyes. It was not that he would lie quietly in bed either, he would need close supervision as he was restless, wandering around the house, unsure really what to do with himself. That was a very difficult time, as none of us really slept properly for years. But even as a baby, he would always wake around 3am, so even in the early days I would envy those mothers whose babies “slept through”, as I never really knew what that was like.

I am sure that your body adjusts to disturbed sleep and in my case , I can function on relatively little sleep – half as many hours as my husband. But one of the real perks of holidays, are that I can enjoy a siesta, around 4pm which is my sleepy time. When I can top up on sleep, albeit just an additional 20-30 minutes, I feel so much better heading into the evening.

Unusually, both of my coughing men have joined me this morning at 4.30, so I do not have this precious time to myself. I have given Joshua his cereal and medication and sent him back to bed with Madagascar on the ipad, so I am hoping that he will soon nod off, then normal service will be resumed.

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