Stepping Out

Joshua is communicating in a variety of ways lately and one is with his large feet; he has big feet anyway, same as his dad’s, but then he has NHS splints and built up black leather boots on top of them so they are even larger. They are actually not as heavy as they look but even so Joshua has bulky feet and he votes with them, often.

As soon as Joshua comes home from school, he sits on the settee and sticks his feet out ready to get his boots and splints off. They must be horrid to wear all day, particularly in the summer when the plastic splints must sweat. But his boots are useful for communicating with too: I wrote last week that we heard his door kicking during a meeting in school last week but he also used the same  approach to tell me that he was ready to go out on saturday morning, with an insistent and determined kick to our front door, once he was dressed and ready. I was told off last Tuesday when his meal was not ready on time, he came into the kitchen to inspect proress with cooking, then gave me a couple of kicks to the ankles to express his disapointment, as it was not the service that he receives when yorkshire Grandma meets him from school! If he does not want to walk somewhere, then he plants his feet solidly on the ground and somehow manages not to be moveable, that is a very effective objection too.

Joshua also uses his feet as a tool for entertainment, by sticking a foot out at the last minute to trip you up as you walk past him. That is a deliberate and hilarious joke for Joshua, as he loves some slap stick humour.He does it subtly so that at first you do not realise that he is tripping you up, you think that it is your fault, so he is sneaky with it. Joshua’s feet are also part of his bedtime routine too : after his bath,he will sit on the side of his bed in his pyjamas and hold his feet out one by one. I massage moisturiser into them and give him a foot rub and do his leg stretches, to loosen his tight hamstrings. He relaxes during this process and his eyes go dreamy, so it is a great precursor to bed.

So Joshua’s feet play an important role in his life and he uses them in many different ways. I am going to try to get him some chiropody so that we take better care of them too, although I am not sure how he would respond to that, we will see……

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