Lead the way

It is ideal if our respite weekends are full of new experiences and of things that we could not easily do with Joshua. So while at Center Parcs I booked myself and my sister in for an hours lesson in Bollywood dancing , which was hilarious. We learned some fun dance moves, while I had more exercise than I expected to have. We both enjoyed showing off our Bollywood skills later and were surprised that our legs felt like lead afterwards, as we moved slowly around the accommodation.

We walked a lot of steps yesterday too, around the woods to get from our cabin to the central area full of restaurants and the swimming pool. It made a nice change to walk without either pushing a wheelchair or holding a dog lead, so we were only responsible for ourselves and did not have to consider accessibility. The autumn colours are just stunning, so the forest looks it’s best at this time of year.

Today will be less energetic as we have booked a full day in the spa, so I expect to be pampered and to emerge fully relaxed and with squeaky clean skin. Joshua has joined us in the spa in the past, he loved the pool and snuggling under blankets in a yurt, but he could not access any of the saunas or steam rooms , so his participation was limited.

It will be time to go home tomorrow morning but we will certainly have enjoyed our early Christmas gift. We are already planning a return visit next year, perhaps for Joshua’s birthday, although that would be a different experience. There is guilt that he is not here on holiday with us all and I’ve missed him, but, that being said, it’s a much more relaxing experience without him here. We have been given time off from our caring responsibilities, which has led to us being able to relax and focus only on what we want to do. But from tomorrow after school, those caring, parenting responsibilities will be firmly back on our shoulders and normality will resume.

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