Festive fun

Christmas is coming…. they asked me at school if I would help with manning, and supplying,  their cake stall at the festive fundraiser this morning. Each class is also going to make a contribution , so there should be plenty to choose from. I have made some chocolate brownies, lemon drizzle tray bake and some snowman, Christmas tree and star-shaped shortbread and Mum has kindly made some mince pies too.

We never know how well attended these school events will be ,but usually, when the children are involved, more parents  tend to come along. When we ran the Macmillan Coffee Morning, many parents wanted to eat or buy what their child, or child’s class, had contributed. I love this loyalty and support for their child’s efforts, even if the taste might not be the best in the world.

I think that the sixth form might have been preparing for the bake sale too, as Joshua brought home a funny Rudolph made from a swiss roll, with pretzels for antlers and sweets for eyes and a nose. He was very sweet and made me laugh, even though I doubt that Joshua contributed too much towards his creation! He probably hovered around the cookery room, creating chaos, during that lesson as he never joins in when I bake or cook at home – he either ignores it or comes into the kitchen to mess around and to try and gain some much-needed attention, ranging from stealing hugs, to opening and shutting drawers, throwing things on the floor or, at his worst, pulling my hair or kicking my ankles.

I am hoping to see some of the parents this morning that I have got to know over the years and to have a chat, to see how things are. This can be a stressful time of year for many, with over-excited children and financial pressures at their peak. Hopefully it will be a busy fun, morning and it will mark the start of the countdown towards Christmas.


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