Festive Fundraising Over

The school fundraiser was a big success yesterday and I was delighted to have been involved. When I arrived at school, already each classroom had a table outside displaying their festive treats that they had created : Christmas buns, cards, candles, elves, calendars…there was no end to the festive merchandise and it was all beautifully displayed too – I was stunned by the classes’ creativity. I walked around to the dining hall where the cake bake stall was set up but lay pretty empty with just two contributions on it. I added my own baking and I asked some of the classes if I could add their buns and mince pies to my table, rather than filling their class displays. By the time parents started to arrive, the cake bake stall was fully stocked and it virtually was all sold by 11am.

Two 6th formers appeared to help out and we had one with us, who offered to make hot drinks for the visitors, which was a great help. He earned his keep as it was busy at times and he took his reward in yule log! The other 6th former manned the ‘cinema’, giving out tickets and selling popcorn to see a short school film that had been created. I sneaked a peek at the film at 11am during a lull and it was so brilliant that we asked to see it twice. It featured pupils and staff set to music and it showed school off at its best, as they acted out friendship and helping one another – of course it made me cry.

Joshua appeared early on and I gave him £5 to spend on the stalls and he had a good look around, before coming back to me with his purchases in exchange for a hug and some lemon drizzle cake.

It was not just parents and classes who came to the fundraiser, but we had visitors from both staff and School Councils from some of the other schools in our Trust, who wanted to look around our school, so it was a showpiece event too. I am sure that they were impressed by what they saw, as everyone threw themselves into the morning’s festivities. I believe that around £400 was raised for school funds too, which was a great morning’s work and there were lots of smiling faces too. So now on Black Friday, Christmas really got underway at school.

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