The Silent Treatment

When your child is virtually non-verbal then you have to play detective in order to work out what he is trying to communicate, but yesterday Joshua made his feelings pretty clear. I had booked him a haircut at 4.30 as he has thick, unruly hair, like both of his parents, and it was getting too long and getting in his eyes.  In the past, haircutting has been very traumatic and  it took three of us to hold him still for the stylist to access his locks. But over the years, the same hairdresser has worked with us to gain his trust and confidence and that hard work is really paying off now.

So I decided from school that it was better not to go home first as Joshua likes to kick off his boots and relax when he gets in, so it would have been a struggle to get him out again after just 30 minutes at home. So instead I drove to his favourite ‘Donalds from school to buy him the treat before his hair-ordeal, warning him en route what would be happening later. As we approached the fast food restaurant, he began grinning and pointing, he knew exactly what was about to happen. Although he was slightly put off that we were not going inside, but that we used the Drive in facility but he enjoyed his fish finger Happy Meal in the car. He devoured it hungrily and it certainly made him happy.

We arrived in our home town at 4.20 so walked slowly to the salon, as Joshua scowled as we drove past the end of our lane and headed into town instead. He restlessly paced around the salon in his cape while he waited for his hairdresser to finish with her previous client, but fortunately Joshua is very vain and so being surrounded by mirrors kept him amused. As she approached with first clippers and then scissors, he sat well, clutching the salon telephone in his good hand and with his head bowed. It was only when she reached his fringe that I needed to assist by holding his head up and a colleague held his hand, to prevent him from swiping her scissored hand away.

Once completed Joshua ran his hands through his new haircut, admired himself in the miorror, whipped off his cape and began  sweeping up the hair on the floor. He even uttered a quiet ” thank you”. This calm teenager was a million miles away from the screaming little boy who had to be thrown out of a barber shop with half a style and who we had to use clippers on at home , sitting on my knee on a kitchen chair in the utility room. Joshua made small objections last night but nothing extreme and so the years of patient perseverence have really paid off and I am eternally grateful. She sprayed him with after-shave as he was leaving so he smelt and looked gorgeous and there was real relief all round.

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