You’re Welcome

Later today Yorkshire Grandma will move into our spare room, until the end of January which she has done for the past few years, since she was widowed. She spends half the week with us and half with her daughter about an hour away. She gets company and somewhere to stay, and we get some help at home,with Joshua and the animals. She will help out with Joshua’s morning routine. The arrangement works well, although Joshua gets used to having her aound all of the time, which is more difficult when she leaves but it is useful having that extra pair of hands.

Joshua has known Yorkshire Grandma all of his life and they have a good relationship. She does not leave his side when she is in charge of him, following him from room to room and she lets him have whatever he wants, so I have come home from work before to find him clutching the ipad with Madagascar on it, while the Live8 Show is blasting out on the TV in den and Lion King is playing away to itself upstairs in his bedrooom. If Joshua rejects the first meal that she has prepared for him, she will produce a variety of alternatives until she finds something that he likes. I accuse her of spoiling him, but she is only doing what a real grandparent would do, even though she is a long-standing family friend.

We will be out for afternoon tea when she arrives this afternoon and I want her to feel welcome, so I will hide a note in her bedroom so that she knows we are looking forward to her coming. Hopefully that will make her feel happy. I bought her a Lindor advent calendar this year and that is making her very happy every night when she goes to bed to read, with a sweet treat. She tends to take herself off to bed around 10pm so that she reads before she falls asleep and that also gives us some time without her sharing our lounge, which makes her a considerate house-guest in my book.

Yorkshire Grandma takes care of things while we are not here too : she usually looks after our pets when we go away. My husband and I are going away next weekend, while Joshua is at his respite provision, and with Yorkshire Grandma being around, we can travel on Thursday and have a long weekend.  She will have Joshua overnight and pack him off to school on Friday morning for us, which is really helpful. I just need to get my head around packing everything that we need, plus Joshua’s weekend bag, but I will write myself lists and chip away at that all week I suspect.

So, welcome to our home and our mad family Yorkshire Grandma!

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