When you’re smiling

It was a long day yesterday : I left work early to drive to school as I had a Governors meeting at 5,which finished by 8pm. But the long -standing Chair was retiring and so we went onto the pub for drinks and something to eat so it was 10pm before I got home – that is my usual bedtime! My husband was in the bath so I went to talk to him and tell him about my day and find out about his, when we heard Joshua on the landing trying to join us. I went to find him and he gave me the biggest smile ever, he was visibly delighted to have me home. Then I was treated to one of his bear hugs as I took him back to his bed. I lay next to him for a short while, reassuring him that I was home and enjoying his hugs and feeling him relax then start to snore.

We came downstairs for a cup of tea before bed and of course, now that he knew I was home, Joshua made two more attempts to join us. He may not be able to speak but Joshua made his feelings perfectly well known last night : I was both loved and missed. The smile is a powerful tool as it can express love, happiness and it can even brighten a stranger’s day. I often get some very odd looks on the tube train in London for smiling at strangers, as that is a rare phenomenon there! I know that I try hard to make people smile, through both my words and my baking – I took lemon drizzle cake to the Governors’ meeting and made enough to share at work too! When I am feeling low, it is my smile that I miss. I can still force a grin but I lose the smile in my eyes somehow. I can tell the difference but I am not sure how many people around me notice, just those who know me well I hope. But Joshua’s smiles come from the heart, he does not have the ability or understanding to force a smile, so they are all genuine and they are all special.

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