This weekend will be Joshua’s last respite weekend of the year , so my husband and I are taking a trip away with our three dogs . In order to make it more worthwhile, I took yesterday off work and we travelled by train instead of driving. We do not usually favour train travel but we have come a long way from home and so this seemed to be a more relaxing option. But juggling three dogs on s busy train might not be considered to be too relaxing , but they behaved beautifully. We avoided queues on motorways, road rage and grumpy drivers not letting us out at junctions and it felt like more of an adventure on the train , though I did keep saying, thank goodness we have not got Joshua to negotiate too!

We left home at 9.15 and with three train changes later, we arrived at our destination at 5.45, though it felt later than that. We have never been here without Joshua so it feels odd – his toys are still around from our last stay, his bedroom is unused and when I went to the supermarket to buy provisions, I almost bought yogurts for his medicine and full fat milk too. I had three reassuring photographs from Yorkshire Grandma who was in charge of Joshua last night- one of him waving, one of him eating Jaffa cakes and another of him playing. I have packed his respite bag, while I was packing my own rucksack, so he should be fine to go from school today.

I told him yesterday morning to behave, to keep his seizures under control, that I loved him and that we would next see him on Monday evening.joshua won’t know how far away Monday is but I’m hoping that respite will keep him so busy that he won’t have time to miss us. I know that they have a Christmas party planned as they requested that he wears a Christmas jumper. I reassured them that that would not be a problem as he’s been wearing his since 30 November!

So let’s hope that this long weekend is exactly what it is meant to be, a break from each other. An opportunity for us to recharge our tired batteries and for Joshua to have some fun with his peers and some attentive carers who he is very fond of. I will of course call each night to hear news but other than that, Joshua’s care is not our responsibility for a few days and that is a liberating experience!

2 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. One doesn’t choose to have a son with special needs – they arrive in your life and you get on with all the challenges – but one does chose to have three dogs. I know: I have both – my third dog arriving this summer when my aunt died.
    Three dogs on a train?! You have my deep respect!


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