Thanks where they’re Due

I write a lot of letters of complaint on Joshua’s behalf to people that have let him down but while I complain a lot, I also recognise it when people have done the right thing for him. I recently wrote to the local authority’s Transport department to ask them to pass on my thanks to Joshua’s taxi driver and his passenger assistant. When Joshua began fitting on the way home from school the other week, they were brilliant in their response: they called me to tell me that they were turning around and taking him back to school and they timed and counted the seizures ready to report accurately to school staff. They stayed with Joshua until the school staff hand everything in hand and were visibly moved by what they witnessed.

I never underestimate the impact that witnessing Joshua’s seizures can have; it is a frightening sight as he looks so different , all contorted, and he can look scared, and you wonder if it will ever stop as time goes slowly. So I was not surprised to hear that the taxi driver was moved to tears.

Once Joshua was home , I sent both the driver and escort a text to thank them and to reassure them that Joshua had recovered and that they’d done the right thing. I also sent an email to their management”s manager to pass on my thanks. They were delighted to be called to be given the news, as apparently it rarely happens.

I also sent an email of thanks to our adult social worker after her first visit to us . I wanted to thank her for being so reassuring as she had, single- handedly changed how I felt about Joshua’s transition to adult services. We no longer felt alone with such a big change and she has continued to support us all year.

So give thanks where it is due , it balances out against the many complaints that I also write.

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