Wet wet wet

While Joshua is being looked after at his respite provision, we like to do things that we couldn’t do when he is with us. Yesterday was a very wet , windy and cold day here, the kind of weather that Joshua would refuse to go out in. So after a lazy morning, we wrapped up warm and we took our three dogs on a walk to get some lunch. We were walking for 90 minutes in the rain and were very wet when we arrived at the restaurant. We had not booked, again something that we always do when Joshua is with us as we have to be sure that he will be fed quickly, with minimum delay. So I grinned at the waitress when she showed us to our table and gave her thanks too when she pointed us towards a coat rack where we could hang our dripping coats.

No Joshua meant also that we could take our time, there was no need to plan to get the meal over with quickly, so we shared a starter and my husband even found room for a sticky pudding. We browsed in their shop and bought a few additional Christmas gifts before getting dressed up again , against the elements. The rain was torrential when we set off and it had been the whole time that we were indoors, while the dogs were tied up in a dry cosy barn.

The walk home was harder work, it was getting dark, was very wet underfoot and Max, our 14 year old Alsatian/ Labrador cross was going slowly. We were on the last leg of the journey, when we had to go through an underpass under the railway line. It has been a big puddle on our way out but during the course of the day, it developed into a river and there was no way around. My husband waded through and Max calmly swam next to him but I was aware that the water was up to his knees! We really couldn’t get any wetter so I followed with my two little dogs swimming too- it was our puppy Kevin’s first swim! The cold rainwater came up to my thighs so we squelched the remaining ten minutes home, laughing. Now that is definitely something that we could not have done with Joshua in his wheelchair.

Once home, we changed into dry clothes and towel dried each dog and none of us moved from the fire side all night, except to have a hot bath. We had a fun day and didn’t allow the wintry weather to spoil our fun.

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