Love’s Young Dream

It is time to pack up this morning and to set off home again. We have had a great trip away, despite some wild weather. It was dry when we set off for our walk yesterday but after lunch, as we walked down the hill, it began to rain and it soon became torrential sleet , which was not pleasant to walk in. So once again the coal fire came into its own to dry both us and the dogs out.

I called to find out how Joshua was getting along, to be told that he had fallen in love! He was besotted by a girl there and that he had spent his time smiling and staring at her and that he had been showing her his leg and his bare tummy. Luckily the feeling was mutual as she had described him as ” lovely’. I found this news very sweet as he’s never paid a peer that much attention, staff are more likely to be the subject of his crushes! I asked if she had long straight hair and was told that she has, which confirmed my suspicions about his preferred ‘type’ .

As well as being sweet, the news also made me realise that my baby is growing up and that this is one of the first times that he has demonstrated behaviour that is typical of his 17 years. It made me proud, smile and yet sad all at the same time. It forced me to reflect more on the future that he might want to have , that he has emotions that I did not expect him to show. While that is a great sign of him growing up, it may also indicate future frustration ahead. But I will not worry about it, I will try to focus on my initial reaction that it was sweet and normal. I cannot wait to see my gorgeous son this evening, Thursday morning when I saw him last, seems forever ago!

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