A Christmas Cracker

It was the school Christmas show yesterday , which is always a popular event with parents. It was so well attended last year that it was standing- room only and was overwhelming for some of the performers. So this year they decided to split it so we had juniors in the morning and seniors/ 6 th form in the afternoon. It meant that I didn’t get to see the little ones perform but other than that, it worked well I think. It felt like a funkier show and it was certainly more streamlined.

I think it was the best Christmas show that I have seen in the 7 years I have been going, my sister and I laughed a lot throughout the performance. It was a cool nativity, which involved the characters of the nativity doing different styles of dance, such as the inn keepers tangoing, ballet dancing angels and shepherds who line- danced. There were some very creative animal costumes.There were two very smart narrators who wore their suits and linked the various dances together and they read beautifully. Then there was a panel of judges , like on Strictly, who rated each class’s performance. It was very well done.

There were impromptu performances from stray pupils who were doing their own thing, including one young man who jumped up to bop the homemade glitter balls that were suspended from the ceiling! There were other pupils I saw who came and went on the stage very quickly as they found it too overwhelming, but they were given the opportunity to try it.

Joshua was not performing and at first I couldn’t see him in the audience of 6 th formers either, but he appeared in the second half of the show. Apparently he had chosen the start time to request a nap , so had got comfortable on the bean bag with his boots off, then had changed his mind! He was in the opposite side of the hall from us , so he did not know that we were there,but I watched him watch the performances , smiling, and enjoy pointing and waving at his class mates. As he was near the door, at the end I saw him leave without saying hello so I chased after him and shouted his name down the corridor : whether he knows his full name or recognised my voice, but he spun around and ran back towards me for a bear hug, squealing “I like you!” He had an excited grin for his aunt too, then he pushed his wheelchair back off to class.

We stayed for a cup of tea made by 6 th formers and won on the tombola too and chatted to some other parents. All in all it was a great way to spend my afternoon off and everyone involved should be congratulated on its great success as I was still smiling when I got home.

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