Merry Christmas

Well it is finally here after weeks of preparations, it is Christmas Day. I am not sure how much Joshua knows about what is going on : he must realise that he has been wearing his festive knitwear for a month now, it is special because Granny has come to stay, we have fairy lights up everywhere and yesterday afternoon, we went to a lovely carol service. The church was full and we saw several families who we know, which always makes you feel like you belong to a community. Last year Granny almost set herself on fire with the candle that she was holding while juggling her carol sheets and she had to stamp out the flames on the floor, so it was no wonder that this year, the children had battery-powered candles. We sang familiar carols and watched the children assemble a knitted nativity scene , so it was a lovely service.

We wedged Joshua into the pew between me and my husbandΒ  and he behaved well. He seemed to enjoy the antics of a naughty toddler in front of us, as he does enjoy watching someone else misbehave and then get into trouble! We came home to watch nostalgic Mary Poppins on television, but while we were all singing along to the familiar songs, Joshua wandered off to another room where he preferred to watch Madagascar for the millionth time.

There are just four of us, unusually, at home for Christmas lunch today but we double our numbers tomorrow when my sister and family arrive, so we will have two Christmas lunches with crackers and I am saving the party games for tomorrow’s guests. Joshua will not be impressed by the large pile of gifts that are sitting in the lounge, waiting to be unwrapped, as we each have a chair with our parcels laden on it. For Joshua, unwrapping presents is a bore but hopefully he will get excited by some of the contents.I see that Christmas Eve boxes, usually containing Christmas pyjamas, have become a thing now but we have not partaken, as that would double the present opening trauma for him. I however , am writing this while wearing my new Christmas PJs, so I am embracing the traditions of carols and pyjamas.

I wish you a very merry Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones.

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