Then there were three

It seems such a long time since there were just three of us living here as Mum came for Christmas last Sunday and before that, we had Yorkshire Grandma living with us, so it seemed quiet yesterday morning once Mum went home.  I think that Joshua might be confused and disappointed this morning when he comes downstairs to see neither of them sitting in the snug and he will have to make do with just his parents! He has certainly enjoyed having Granny and Yorkshire Grandma here to interact with, although he still insists on Mummy doing the bath and bed routine.

I had ambitious plans of all the things that I was going to do around the house yesterday, like tidying the bedroom and finding homes for our new presents. I had even started the day off well by going to the pool at 7am for an early swim, as the website told me that the leisure centre was open. But it was incorrect and all was closed up in darkness when I arrived and so I walked the dogs along the prom instead watching the sunrise over the sea. But the reality was that, after that,  I was exhausted and every time that I sat down, I feel asleep. I had a fuzzy head and my achilles was aching, so that tried to sit with my feet up , which was a sleepy position. I managed to make meals, put a load of washing on, hoover up downstairs with my new cordless vacuum cleaner and fill up the bird feeders ,but that was about it in terms of chores.

I did not leave home all day, so I am hoping that I will have more energy today. It seems that being hostess took more out of me than I thought, which I find surprising as I felt as though I was pretty relaxed while cooking on both Christmas and Boxing Day and both my husband and my Mum helped out.I was not catering for the large numbers that we have had staying in the past, so it must just be that I am getting older! My achilles was definitely complaining as I had been cooking in bare feet – my feet get too hot in slippers and i had not been wearing my supportive shoes either – so that is a clear sign of wear and tear as I had not run a marathon, just made a roast dinner!

Luckily Joshua was happy to have a quiet day too , pottering around, watching his various DVDs and even dozing with me sometimes. He was not kicking the front door, asking to go out, so maybe he too needed to chill out. Perhaps we both took the slogan on his new Christmas pyjamas too literally -‘Tis the season to be sleepy’! I am happy to allow myself one such lazy day , as it was clearly necessary, but I do not want to waste all of my holidays in this way.

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